Paweł Kadysz Nice. Is this the same place: "Fog"?

Ian Prince Thanks. Yes, it is exactly the same home :)

Comment was deleted

Ian Prince Glad you like it.

Emde amazing!

Viola Qniej excellent!

120mr So great! I love rain like that.

Ian Prince Yeah, especially when it's sunny again just minutes after :)

tigg Is this your go-to camera? Or on-the-go camera?

Ian Prince I've been appreciating the wide range of the zoom on the Stylus, so it's my main camera at the moment. Certainly good enough for posting to the web.

tigg I have been researching good compacts - I love my Ricoh GR but it is a fixed lens. Guess the menu will be pretty similar to the ones we are used to. Thanks for feedback.

Satoshi T Wow! We can't shoot such a scene without strong sun light and rain at the same time! well done!

Ian Prince That's the mountains for you :)

Heike What a great moment!

Ian Prince Yeah, I'm glad I managed to capture it :)

Daniel Zaleski I like your forest and this shot is really so filled with action and moments of sun and rain.

Ian Prince Thanks Daniel. I was especially pleased with the shot as the rain only lasted a few minutes :)

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