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Magda Ko So happy you like it :)

Roman Czarny Cool pic

Magda Ko I think the same :)

Jakub Purej qbanez MEGA!!! :O

Kazziz Magda, You are absolutely one of my favourite photographers ever.

Magda Ko you are kidding me!

Kazziz Nope, not at all.

Satoshi T Cool!

Krzysztof Baczyński Cool. But how did Jacek start the project?

Magda Ko He did not. I used him as a my online application. He did well :)

Satoshi T online application ;) Can you check the composition on your phone realtime?

Magda Ko Satoshi have you tried Olympus Application? It is realtime not online, my mistake.

Satoshi T I enjoyed that you compare Jacek to an online application :) . btw. I have not tried using the Olympus application for selfie yet ... although I like to link audio and MIDI instruments...

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