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Hanna Gawrychowska Satoshi !
thank you very much
I feel very honored ...
and now I'm going to make myself a cup of tea (or maybe coffee)

by the way - beautiful pic

Satoshi T I also glad, Hanna! Enjoy a cup of tea, with Irma and Kropka!

craig This is a great shot Satoshi! I really like it!

Satoshi T Thank you craig. Your [Anchor]("Anchor") pic also has feeling of metal!

Osvaldo Pontes nice photo!

Satoshi T Thank you Osvaldo, I like your pic's bold wide angle with the crystal-clear blue!

tania So nice Satoshi ! I love it. Makes me want to have a cup of tea... I find it well executed.

Satoshi T Thank you tania, It will able to make a tea with your Exiting new skilled water("It's not what you think it is !") :-)

tania Haha ! Great then !

Satoshi T Thank you Jagoda, this week, I watch your birds (including metallic). :)

Jana İnanç Beautiful shot! As soon as I put my kids to sleep it is tea time!

Satoshi T Thank you Jana, I like your family and cat pics!

noun Waw! Awesome pic!

Satoshi T Thank you noun, In Japan, this type of pot well fit with Khaki.

egzist It's really good pic. I have to try with my own tea pot :)

Satoshi T Thank you egzist, I like your wide perspective pics! I 'm looking forward to your pot.

Agnieszka K. Beautiful picture, Satoshi!

Satoshi T Thank you Agnieska, I like your daily-life photo, especially , "Jump up" and porcelain rings!

Ana すごい です!Excellent!

Satoshi T @Ana 日本語でありがとう.私は,あなたの色彩センスと創造力を尊敬しています.Thanks, and I respect your talent!

juline Very good picture !

Satoshi T Thank you @juline , I usually enjoy your cat pics! Recently, I was surprised by "Nuage".

juline You're welcome ans thank you very much ;)

vera Very beautiful!

Satoshi T Thank you @vera !

jewels Wonderful picture! A tribute to The Japanese art of tea!

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