Kazziz I want to see it as Your Facebook photo. You have 5 minutes to do it, otherwise Your camera will self destruct. ;)

Kazziz <3

Chwila Spokoju Agnieszko, kolorystyka Twoich zdjęć zawsze mnie ujmuje. Uwielbiam <3

agnieszka bladzik thanks :)

Magda Ko You would love it. What was the big change for me from EPL5 that I could see picture in the sunny day. Enjoy it!!

Kazziz Viewfinders is a really great thing. ^^

Magda Ko This was a primary feature to change camera for me. Is EM10 slightly smaller that EM5 @Kazziz ?

Kazziz A little bit.

Satoshi T Great tooka-relation Agnieszka and @Kazziz !

Kazziz tookafriend :)

Maciej Chomik I'm in love with your photos! I want more! :)

agnieszka bladzik you got 951 of them ;) and i'm not going anywhere soon ;)

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