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bvphotosnap Thank you @365! ☺

Margie Oh my gosh!!! This is amazing. What a capture!!! Awesome! Awesome!!!

bvphotosnap Thanks very much Margie! I'm so glad that he likes to eat grass :D

azral wow! how close!!
i can understand you. the beautiful animals often are coming close to mountain shelter in Poland when they are looking for a food. it's not really comfortable :D. once in the mountain we met bear with three young. i was very scared :/
but... photo awesome! <3 <3

bvphotosnap Thanks so much @azral!
Wow a bear with 3 cubs! I'm so glad you didn't get hurt cause it seems like mother bears are the worst! I think if it was me I'd need a new pair of pants after that kind of encounter! :D

azral exactly! but fortunately they did not pay any attention to us... ;)

jayce Oh goshh this is a fantastic shot. I am impressed your took some risks to get this truly exceptional capture! You are definitely living close to the wild nature

bvphotosnap Thanks very much Jayce! I'm pretty blessed and very happy that I can take these wildlife and landscape images without going to far. ☺

craig Wow! Some shot! When he saw you in the car he must have thought "canned food"!

bvphotosnap hahahaha!!! Yeah he probably did!! :D
Thanks so much @craig!

Aneta Dzienis-Skutnicka Great shot! I admire Your courage!I would die from fear!!!

bvphotosnap Thanks so much @anetadzienis-skutnicka_yk6itxr! I'm thankful that I had a window to roll up ;)

Bomba 1 meter? Really? Awesome!

bvphotosnap Thank you @Bomba! I had to pull in my lens as he was walking towards me, my lens is a 150-500 and it is at 200 here, I didn't get him all in because he kept coming closer and when he was at his closest I rolled up my window. I didn't want to shoot through the window glass because it degrades the quality so I waited till he moved a bit down towards the end of the vehicle and I got a few more shots -
It's hard to believe he is satisfied with eating grass :D

Bomba WOW! This photo from instagram is fantastic as well! Nature for me is very inspirational thing that's why I'm fascinated of photos like this. Big respect!
I have to move to Canada :D !

Tomasz Dolata He is beautiful and so dignified, yet peaceful, wonderful picture....

bvphotosnap Thank you so much Tomasz!

Danuta OMG !!! ... so close ? ! I'm afraid I would not be able to hold the camera in my hands! :D ... Super shot, I congratulate the courage !!! :)

bvphotosnap Thanks very much @Danuta! The very first time I saw a bear in the wild my hands did indeed shake :D

Danuta I imagine a huge stress :) .. great pet and very dangerous! But the photo is super cool :D !

Romain OMG.... I'm happy to see this picture a few days later... so you arrive safe at home... ;-)

bvphotosnap ☺ Thanks @Romain! It's absolutely gratifying to be out in nature and come home with a photo and a memory! and all my body parts ;D

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