craig Cool shot!

Kateli Thanks !! They're over the moon with them !!

Kazziz hand spinners? what are those?

Kateli They're the new toy that all the kids around us have !!

Kazziz oh yeah, I know what it is, just haven't seen it yet. They have bearrings just like my board's wheels :)

Kateli That's right !!

Tomek Zimnocho what is it all about with those? I've seen in town today stand selling them and it drew more attention than any other place there, but... I just don't understand... well ok - it is good to take great pic with them :)

Kateli Thanks ! It's the new craze for kids !!! They're crazy about them !

DanRu I have one also :-)

Kateli Does it help you fidget less ??

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