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Gabriela Jaworowska Ładna Waszą architektura... Taka inna niż u nas...lubię wszelkie style i wszystko z dawnych lat

Satoshi T Dziękuję , @Gabriela . Lubię też stare rzeczy oparte każdą kulturę.
Na przykład, lubię stare zdjęcia budynku @Jagoda .

Magda Korzewska Looking forward to see more of japanese architecture Satoshi-san..

Satoshi T Thank you @magda , I will introduce you them gradually.

Alek Jedliński Great details. Love your photos Satoshi.

Satoshi T Thank you @Alek . your words encourage me.

Terry Artt As Magda says show us more Japanese architecture, I love the workmanship and detail in the construction.

Satoshi T Thank you @terry , last month, @craig told me the fun of birds. Next is traditional architecture of Japan.

Terry Artt I look forward to seeing it.

Grzegorz Wojtasik I see that the Polish language is not a problem for you :) Greetings from Poland ;) Nice photo.

Satoshi T Dziękuję @grzegorz ,
In fact, it is many many thanks to the Professor Google :)

Paulina M This is so beautiful. I'm also hoping for more Japanese architecture.

Satoshi T Thank you @paulina for your interesting in Japan.

Paulina M I'm very much into Japan. It's my big dream to go there and climb Mt. Fuji.

egzist On this photo it looks like a piece of the machine :)

Satoshi T Nice viewpoint @egzist !

Jennifer Faye Very cool! Thanks for sharing

Satoshi T You are welcome @Jennifer !

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