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Hanna G. disheveled ???

Tracey Artt He looks so chunky :) Ive been feeling uninspired too as all my photos seem to involve dogs, but that is my life. The way I look at it is that the photos represent you and what you have done over a year. The bird photos are great that you have posted :)

craig Tracey, thank you for your encouraging comments it is very kind!

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craig Tania thank you. I think I was having a really bad day. I live in a beautiful city and if I can't find something to inspire me I have a problem.

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biquette So cute! :D

craig Thank you!

Terry Artt I agree with both Tracey and tania, your bird shots are great, I am hoping one day to be able to emulate your bird in flight shots. I also like your landscape shots in and around Edinburgh.

craig Thank you Terry for your kind comment. I had a bad uninspired day but tomorrow is another day,

Satoshi T Just go on and keep your style.
In fact , your photos and advice has changed me, now also your photos are , must give a strong effect on the other members of the here.

craig Thank you Satoshi, you are very kind. I will see what tomorrow brings!

tania 7am Craig... New day... Hope will be very good for you.

Jaydee This one is beautiful.
You must remember your moments of triumph as well as the dark days! Those beach photos when you were on holiday are imprinted in my mind Craig

craig Thank you so much for that encouraging comment jaydee!

Jaydee welcome

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