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Hanna Gawrychowska Beautiful light
And pic

Satoshi T Thank you @hanna . Now I feel fun, to play with light.

Aneta Muszkiewicz I like this shade of green <3 Nice pic!

Satoshi T @Aneta , I'm very glad you noticed mini <3 s every leaf.

Roman Czarny beautiful

Satoshi T Thank you @Roman , I like your playful pics.

Satoshi T Dziękuję @grzegorz ,
Lubię nie tylko swoje zdjęcia makro, ale także krajobrazu.

noun Waw! Incredible shot!

Satoshi T Merci @noun , En fait, je me préparais pour cette photo avec de nombreux essai. Comme vous, je veux être un Photographe Rapide.

vera Just one word: WOW!

Satoshi T @vera , I say same when I look yours.

tania Your work is amazing Satoshi !

Satoshi T Pour moi, votre grand point est que vous avez vraiment profiter de votre photo et de la vie. @tania .

tania En plus du reste vous parlez bien français!! Bref vous savez tout faire :) Merci! Il faut en effet profiter de chaque moment que la vie offre et la photographie permet je pense de mieux l'apprécier...

Satoshi T Merci beaucoup pour votre parole, @tania !
I thought for a while after receiving your French message.
In fact, I have fully dependented on Google translator, and had been excessive.
Somehow if greeting, but it is tough for me when it comes to difficult sentence.

Tania, you honestly use English among conversation Polish, I think your honesty which I must trying to follow...
I might have been merely behave in talentfull , because I wanted to close to you who you are Shining...

I must be more honest. At least to the extent that it does not depend on Google translator.
Thanks a lot... Tania.

tania I hope you don't feel embarrassed Satoshi because there's no need to be. All your kind comments are fully appreciated I think on Tookapic, and the precision of your remarks are very interesting to progress as well as to find confidence in photography. Thank to you.

Satoshi T Thanks enough to beyond description in words...@Tania...

Terry Artt Beautiful work Satoshi. Love it!

Satoshi T Thank you @terry ,I'll take Japanese architecture and show you. We are not defeated in woodworking craftsman im Toonersee :)

Lucjan Lubaszka Beautiful pic Satoshi. Super

Satoshi T Thank you @Lucjan , I always enjoy your child and sky pics.

Gabriela Jaworowska Piękna praca...nad listkami:)))

Satoshi T Dziękuję @Gabriela ,Lubię też swoje ciekawe zdjęcia roślin.

JudithO great shot!

Satoshi T Thank you @JudithO , I always enjoy your detail photos!

craig That is an amazing shot Satoshi!

Satoshi T Thank you @craig , Now I'm interested in plant observation.

juline Nice details!

Satoshi T Thank you @juline , I like your flower detail.

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Canon EOS 5D Mark II
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