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Satoshi T I tried to use "Live composit" function after I saw your picture. I think Olympus's multiple exposure function is very interesting.
To try things you do not do usual with someone's stimulation, it's a nice thing about the Tookapic community!

Krzysztof Baczyński I've seen. Great look ...

Satoshi T You were very active in Japan, perhaps you and Beata visited many places in Japan than me...

Tomasz Super 👍😀

Satoshi T Dziękuję! :)

jazzie Great idea both concerning the story and the technique!

Satoshi T Tanke! :)

Rafal Laczynski I am very impressed with your Tokyo by night pictures. Although not sharp it draws me beautiful city by night. Great pic! Good idea!

Satoshi T This has the merit that it can be alleviated even if the window is dirty or there is reflection of the light inside the room. If you have a chance, please try it from PKiN.

Divors Absolutely amazing. Love it! Great connection of two techniques :)

Satoshi T Thank you @Divors !

WK Fan Focus in + Focus out photo to create the effect like this. (Taking Note..) :)

Satoshi T You can make a different picture by increasing the shift of the focus or changing the exposure ratio of sharp and bokeh. I think that processing in the camera is difficult in M3, but I think it is possible to try it with Post processing with DPP.

Satoshi T Thank you @Roman !

halfhearted Cool idea, looks great!

Satoshi T When I saw your "044. Wild strawberries", I think it can do using digital post processing. But using this idea, you can "Double focus position". :)

halfhearted I definitely need a better camera :)

Michał Lovely effect. A dream comes true maybe :)

Satoshi T Thank you Michał! This effect enhance dreamy light colors! ;)

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