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Magda Ko Satoshi-san this is great picture. I love all colours. I wonder from where it was taken? Tokyo tower maybe?

Satoshi T It took from "World Trade Center" @ hamamatsucho . I thought about Tokyo-tower, but it is too high for rainy day and too far from trains :) .

Magda Ko I haven't been there. I still remember the view from Mori Art Museum, so nic memory. Thanks for it.

Rafal love these colour lines of your favourite trains!

Margie I don't have a fancy camera and don't understand your directions but really love this fabulous photo! Great work!

Danuta Beautiful !!! ... , beautiful color and contrast,from this height and at night the city looks impressively :)

Kamil Kaczor Wow, i have no words to describe this photo :O Amazing in every way, congrats Satoshi!

Damian Good pic! :) Congratz

SZ This is really amazing photo

Ewa Kudlaty Amazing view, Amazing photo!

Agnieszka Lovely picture!

Pati Wow! Super!

Michał That is fantastic view!

Hanna G amazing view and photo

Filip Švácha Straight from a aeroplane magazine, nice work Satoshi :)

Rose Wow !

Grace this is so awesome! I love the composition you have chosen. I wish my olympus had the live composite feature ;) but photoshop is fine for me too. I was thinking of doing a car light trail photo today or maybe one of aeroplanes leaving the airport. Haven't decided which yet.

v agnès Super picture!

Ian Prince Wow, straight out of Blade Runner. This is one of those photos that really needs to be seen large. I almost missed clicking on the thumbnail, which would have been a real pity. Sooooo looking forward to visiting :)

120mr Amazing, light, lines, city, perspective, backgroung, colours!

Kateli I love it !!!!!!! I'm so jealous !! I live in the countryside and I long for a shot of a city !!! Bravo !

freyr Wow! This one really makes me want to visit Tokyo! (-; Impressive sharpness!

Rohini What can I say except that it's a fabulous pic and Tokyo is so beautiful at night.

cits Such a beautiful view 😍

Tanguy Wow, this is cool!

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