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Magda Korzewska Satoshi-san this is great picture. I love all colours. I wonder from where it was taken? Tokyo tower maybe?

Satoshi T It took from "World Trade Center" @ hamamatsucho . I thought about Tokyo-tower, but it is too high for rainy day and too far from trains :) .

Magda Korzewska I haven't been there. I still remember the view from Mori Art Museum, so nic memory. Thanks for it.

Rafal love these colour lines of your favourite trains!

Margie I don't have a fancy camera and don't understand your directions but really love this fabulous photo! Great work!

Danuta Beautiful !!! ... , beautiful color and contrast,from this height and at night the city looks impressively :)

Damian Good pic! :) Congratz

SZ This is really amazing photo

Ewa Kudlaty Amazing view, Amazing photo!

Agnieszka Lovely picture!

Pati Wow! Super!

Michał That is fantastic view!

Hanna Gawrychowska amazing view and photo

Filip Švácha Straight from a aeroplane magazine, nice work Satoshi :)

Rose Wow !

Grace this is so awesome! I love the composition you have chosen. I wish my olympus had the live composite feature ;) but photoshop is fine for me too. I was thinking of doing a car light trail photo today or maybe one of aeroplanes leaving the airport. Haven't decided which yet.

v agnès Super picture!

Ian Prince Wow, straight out of Blade Runner. This is one of those photos that really needs to be seen large. I almost missed clicking on the thumbnail, which would have been a real pity. Sooooo looking forward to visiting :)

120mr Amazing, light, lines, city, perspective, backgroung, colours!

Kateli I love it !!!!!!! I'm so jealous !! I live in the countryside and I long for a shot of a city !!! Bravo !

freyr Wow! This one really makes me want to visit Tokyo! (-; Impressive sharpness!

Rohini What can I say except that it's a fabulous pic and Tokyo is so beautiful at night.

cits Such a beautiful view 😍

Tanguy Wow, this is cool!

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