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Satoshi T a great image @Kateli !

Kateli Thank you so much @ Satoshi T.

craig Cool image! Don't fall off the edge! ;)

Kateli Thanks ! I'll be careful !! Promise ! ;0)

Kateli Thanks !! :0)

Katrina Yu I love the allegory of this (and composition)!!!
The white background does remind you of freedom and "lightness" and you walking towards it gives off a very courageous feeling. <3

Kateli Thank you @katrina Y. :0)
All I seem to be able to show of myself are my feet... May be I'll get a bit braver and show a bit more... Not there yet ! I did a few other ones yesterday and I erased nearly all of them !!

Hanna G super idea and execution

Kateli Thank you very much !!

cicely great pic!

Kateli Thanks so much ! Glad you like it !

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