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craig Lovely shot! I hope you didn't hurt yourself or your camera!

Satoshi T I thank you for your concern, @craig ! It was a hard landing, but has not been damaged ... as yet.

Gabriela Jaworowska Tak...te kable...wszędzie...i jak niszczą piękne krajobrazy...

Gabriela Jaworowska A przy takim słońcu nie trzeba się martwić o matrycę... Ale można użyć filtru...i można fotografować spokojnie

Satoshi T Tak myślę.

Satoshi T Filtr jest wymagany dla bezpośredniego strzał słońcem w ciągu dnia. Ale, bez wschodu i zachodu słońca. bo światło jest słabe.
Dziękuję za troskę, tylko trochę ból.

Comment was deleted

rishabh Loved ur way of thinking.

Satoshi T Thank you @rishabh , about focus, you and I seem same opinion.

Ana What a sacrifice!

Satoshi T It was a little lack the ability to concentrate after shooting ...

Shawn I love power cables.

Satoshi T I understand, I also feel beauty in your "the road" or @Ron 's "Blue Sky" . but I don't like full of power cable patchwork over residential area.

Shawn Yes, I hear you. Glad you made a positive thing from it.

Rohini Hope ur ok Satoshi.Love the pic. Am a big fan of nature pics.

Satoshi T Thank you for your concern , @Rohini . I think you are well taken with the iPhone camera. Since the timing and focus is absolutely difficult, as saying @Jaydee , I also think that it is better to approach many times to your favorite object.

vera You're alive... Ouf! But I hope the roof wasn't too far from the floor!? However, nice pic with warm colors!

Satoshi T Thank you @vera , roof height is about 2m , but Autumn leaves help me. and thanks for your warm words.

Grzegorz Wojtasik I like, nice shade of orange color.

Satoshi T Thank you @grzegorz . I want create shade at a glance, but it has gradation. as created by @egzist .

Danuta OMG !!! ... happiness that nothing serious has happened to you! ;) ... As you can see, photographing is a dangerous and risky job :D ... p.s. beautiful photography! ... I also have cables on my horizon looking out of the window, ... charms of civilization

"Red dawn"

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