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Rafal Tak Air2Air nad Zalewem Sulejowskim

robert_wisniewski SUPER !!!

Bartosz Chronowski Super fotka, a jaka kompozycja. Rewelacja.

Lesley How did you get a shot like this? Wow!

Rafal We have been flying in another plane and that plane from a photo was below us over the lake.

Lesley I bet the owner of that plane would love a copy of this.

Rafal He will get it for sure. Soon there will be more photos from this session also the other planes on FB Nature and Aviation Photography

Klaudia Kulczak Rewelacyjne ujęcie! Niestety takie ujęcia nie są dla mnie, mam straszliwy lęk wysokości 😉 Zazdroszczę!

Rafal More pictures for Air-To-Air session - facebook.com/pg/Nature-And-Avi...

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