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Ron Dadoo :-) Do not complain, you still have the chance to have hair ... which is no longer my case ... they are becoming more and more rare ...

Katrina Yu Haha, I'm sure you're aging as fine as wine! ;)

Ron Dadoo ho yes?... but... At home wine does not have time to grow old ;-)

Magda Korzewska Looking forward to see this week pictures.

Comment was deleted

Katrina Yu Thank you!! I hope I can force something interesting out of my brain. Let's see. *fingers crossed* <3

Urszula Stachowicz I love headless photos! <3
Besides, there is one great advantage of this: don't have to put make up!

Katrina Yu You're absolutely right!!!! <3

Margie How about making it Hat Week for you?? :)))

Katrina Yu Ohhh, I like this suggestion!!! Thank you, Margie, now off to find some hats! :D :D :D

Ron Dadoo It is extraordinary your work at the remote control ... I find it difficult to manage this in simple conditions ... and you in the pool (it is waterproof?) Or by car 426704. In addition to your creativity, technically it's very strong!

Katrina Yu No, the remote is definitely not waterproof. 😔
Héhé, this is where the timer comes in handy, Patrick. ;)

Thank you, really, for the compliments. But I doubt about technically. I think I've just been using the same camera, lens for a year that I know what my equipment is capable of. We learn from the everyday little things then apply them. Right?? :D

I don't have experience with wifi app so I can't tell if that or the remote is more precise.

Ron Dadoo I like this approach of constructed image, it is not enough to press the trigger, it is necessary to make a staging, to solve a thousand problems to arrive at something desired, and to convey the message or history, the approach is much closer of the movie , It is also like that that I love photography, still bravo for performance and more ...

Ron Dadoo In reality, I use a wifi app with my smartphone, I think to order a remote control, it is certainly more precise ...