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Nilson Menezes Excellent!
Here in France, it is not possible to take night photography and cemeteries (not inside them), they are all closed at the sunset (to preserve the peace of the dead people...).
I like very much the mixed of stars, clouds, trees, and tombs.

Lauren Huston Thank you. I knew the foreground (and thus the overall content) would be a bit of a sensitive subject, and I was a bit surprised that the cemetary was open, to be honest.
I wasn't doing anything wrong, and I tried to be as respectful of where I was going as possible, but I still expected someone to come in to tell me off for being there.
I don't think I managed the foreground very well but it was worth a try. :) Thanks. :)

Nilson Menezes I love your work Lauren, you have a great sensibility and a smart eye. You manage very well all night photography with a beautiful atmosphere.

Lauren Huston Thank you. :)

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