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Artur Łobocki Gratuluję!

Viola Qniej dzięki!

Kevin Drum Gratz UV! I think of you as a very artistic photographer whom I admire. Beautiful finish!

Viola Qniej thnx, Kev!

Hanna G Gratulacje

Viola Qniej dziękuję

Satoshi T Gratulacje ultra-violet, lubię swój artystyczny wizerunek!

Viola Qniej thnx, Satoshi! and I like your cats!

Ian Prince Congratulations Viola. I always enjoy your arty photos..... and texts...just have to improve my Polish a bit more in 2016 ;)

P.S. Yeah, who cares about calendars ;)

Viola Qniej yeah, I wrote in Polish special for you, Ian :) our language is very difficult to learn - harder than Chinese, do you know? But who knows - maybe it's a good idea for 2016 haha.

Ian Prince Hihi, I thought you might ;)

No I didn't! That explains why Google Translate makes such a mess translating of what I'm sure is a lovely language :)

Viola Qniej hahah google translator is not perfect but very helpful, sometimes, yeah. this year I try to improve also my Frech, so... we will see :)

Ian Prince Chouette :)

Viola Qniej an owl? hahahah ok

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