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Ian Prince Delightful photo, lovely text :)

Katrina Yu Thank you so much, Ian. Adore your portraits lately. Creating outside your comfort zone is absolutely inspiring!

Urszula Stachowicz Oh may, I love this photo. :) I love how you always put right and unique description. :)

Katrina Yu Hehe, thank you Urszula!! I have notebooks filled with random notes from years of reading and just random internet explorations.

The funniest part, I think, is when I was going thru "emo" phase and I have all these heartbreak poetry that makes me cringe every time I glance through them. hahahaha Oh youth.

Urszula Stachowicz Haha, I now that feeling. :D

Ron Dadoo very romantic!

Ron Dadoo ps Charles Trenet "le soleil a rendez-vous avec la lune, mais la lune n'est pas là et le soleil l'attend..." papadikilavusalui

Katrina Yu Ahh I like that, it's sad but it's nicely written. More more!! :D

Comment was deleted

Katrina Yu Hehe, guess it's all about the perspective of seeing things isn't it??

Heike Wonderful story an Phantastin work ❤️

Katrina Yu Thank you so much, Heike for the visit and thoughts on this frame! ❤️

Ginger This is wondered story and picture...

Katrina Yu Thank you, Ginger. Happy you enjoyed them both. :)