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Magda Ko I am happy to save star for you

Paweł Te Thanks a lot Magda:) Today I managed to take some really cool photos (I think) and I had to make a hard decision which one to throw. But I guess I chose well:)

Magda Ko maybe you can upload rest to insta?

Paweł Te I've planned to leave them as a back-up in a case of no-idea-day, but why not☺now I'm away from computer, but i'll try to do it maybe tomorrow☺

Magda Ko No way! One photo a day, everyday. Those You need to keep in the comp. or publish somewhere else :)

Paweł Te Hahaha little misunderstanding had happened☺ I meant just an idea of pic to be potentially repeated in a case of no-idea-day😀😀 ouppps!

Magda Ko Uffffff

Piotr Genialne!

Paweł Te Bardzo dziękuję Piotr!☺

Paweł Te Dzięki wielkie Szymon!☺

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