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maggaglen Moim zdaniem jest takie lekkie, piękne jak ta ważka:)

Paweł Te bardzo się cieszę że się podoba:)dzięki:)

Lesley I like the "not quite sharp" effect for this! Great photo!🙂

Paweł Te thanks a lot!:)

Michał Post some more photos taken with this lens. I'm also considering it ;)

Paweł Te I'll try to do that, but with 135mm it's definitely not all purpose lens😀maybe in a free time i'll take some test photos, upload them into flickr, and i'll send You link to watch them☺ but I must say that my first impressions with jupiter are very positive☺ have You in Your camera image stabilisation built in sensor?

Michał No stabilization and that might be a problem. Almost a year ago I had few days to try out pentacon with the same focal lenght I think. High iso is a must and I'm aware of that.

Paweł Te I think it wouldn't be a problem while you get shutter speed at least 1/150sec or so☺i think its quite sharp even wide open, rendered colors are pleasant and it's quite cheap😀😀

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