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Satoshi T You feel something new? Thank you @agnieszka_mw !

Piotr Łaskawski Flying się laces👍

Satoshi T Dziękuję @Piotr 😉

Ron Dadoo haha yes. I recognized them! I want to exploit the idea in my turn I love these shoes and I almost the same as you and pawel :-)

Satoshi T I am looking forward to your turn, merci M. @Ron !

Rafal Laczynski Great! :-))))

Satoshi T Thanks @Rafal ! ;)

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Satoshi T Dziękuję Ci bardzo @witek ! :)

Katrina Yu VERY WELL DONE. To know you didn't use PS magic is even moreee impressive!

Satoshi T You are wonderful PS magician @Katrina , but I am still no good at...

Ron Dadoo What do you mean by old school? How did you do? I really wanted to make my version ... :-))

Satoshi T Inside the shoelace, there was a wire and weights to balance it. and I hang them with a very thin thread. It is very old school technic. :-))

Ron Dadoo haha. yes, I also imagined this kind of thing :-)

ponzu I always want to do a series (or, rather, I often encourage my photo groups to do a project that would result in a series) of "tribute" photographs that mimic and recreate as closely as possible famous photographs, or just one's favorite photos from any given author or group. What you did here is great both in and by itself and as a tribute to @Paweł

Satoshi T By taking a picture similar to @Paweł , I was able to relive how he adjusted the shoe's angle and how he adjusted the light. These will be the source of my next shooting technique. Tookapic is very precious to me.

Alek Jedliński Wow, this came out impressively well. Bravo!

Satoshi T Oh Thanks so much @Alek !

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