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Chris G Cute.

Satoshi T Thank you @Chris 😺!

Hanna Gawrychowska Cool idea and perfect done 🙀

Satoshi T Thank you @Hanna 😺!

Katrina Yu Your friend is multi-talented!

Satoshi T Yes! Thank you @Katrina 😺!

mathilde24 Trop drôle. Qui a tapé la balle ? Bravo

Satoshi T Merci @mathilde24 😺🏐 !

jayce Great composition, well done!

Satoshi T Merci @jayce 😺!

jazzie This is so cute, well done!

Satoshi T Thank you @jazzie , It is interesting to take advantage of figure's pose 😺!

120mr Great! Very dynamic.

Satoshi T I always take a stop motion, but this time I tried to move the ball during 1/30 second 😺!

120mr Nice!

Nutt Adorable! I love your little cat themes, and this one is sooo cute!

Satoshi T Thank you so much @Nutt 😺!

Gosia Which team won?

Satoshi T By draw, cats got tired 😿 Thank you @Gosia !

Urszula Stachowicz I love how your cats suit to every theme. How you make them suit. :D

Satoshi T Fortunately there is a week to think, so ideas will come out. and My cats getting active more and more 🙀😾😻. Thank you @Ula-stachowicz !

Urszula Stachowicz I can't wait this week goodbye. :P

Etherliana Charming, fun and inventive!
Great picture!:)

Satoshi T Thank you @Etherliana 😺!

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T Dziękuję Ci bardzo @witek 😺!

azral i really like volleyball! well done! :)

Satoshi T Oh you like volleyball? Very nice @azral 😺🏐 !

Ewa Kudlaty Great pic and idea of course 😊

Satoshi T Thank you very much @Ewa 😻

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