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Katrina Yu Oh yes, I see you working through your creative "accidents" too!! ❤️ Let's keep going! *hugs*

makebate It's not photography. It's a magic!

Katrina Yu Héhé thank you!! Some call it the same thing too.
Check out the before and after of this:

makebate Ahh.. The postproduction is a magic too! :D I wish in the future I would feel brave and confident enough to try something like this. Beautiful!

Ian Prince I love how you are floating among the "stars". Thanks for sharing the Philip Glass interview... "But, the rules are right" ... "Yes, but it's still wrong".

Katrina Yu Thank you, Ian.

The guy who interviewed him was his 2nd cousin, Ira Glass, who said these famous words (if you're familiar):

Something worth pondering over too! :)

Ian Prince Indeed. The idea of "a lot of work" reminds me of this which coincidentally (or not!) I just read...

Etherliana Fantastic!
Really amazing, I just love your photos! <3

Katrina Yu Thank you so much, Etherliana.
There are good days and bad days but we just need to persevere, right?? :) ❤️

Gosia Omg, this is breathtaking! I also strive for non-accidental outcome. I really enjoy reading your photo descriptions.

Katrina Yu I'm flattered because I'm not sure if people actually read them. héhé

Through time the white space below every photo turned into my artistic journal/notes for me to look back every now and then.
If others, like you, can share their thoughts on my photo or relate to the inspirational words I find solace during creativity drought then it makes me very happy. It helps keeps me going.

Thank you so much, Gosia for this comment! <3

Urszula Stachowicz Ops, I wouldn't say about any of your photos that they were accidental. :) This one is so different from your other pool pictures. The darker, the better. :D Love it!

Katrina Yu Ahhh soul-sister!

I mean, dark soul-sister!! 🙌🏼 *virtual high five*

Haha, thank you, Urszula!! :D

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