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Urszula Stachowicz I saw someone's comment that photos here doesn't have to be perfect and doesn't need to have a message. As we see, it's not true. Great job! :)
Moby! <3

vividcolourfabric Awww, thank you for that. It's really nice.
Yeah, I like this song. Once, I heard it in a commercial and couldn't stop searching until I found it.

Ian Prince I'm touched by your story, thank you for that. Puppet's tummy pushed :)

vividcolourfabric Thank you. I should've mentioned that you can push the belly once daily. The same rule - just like tookapic.

Katrina Yu Oh, this is such a sincere post. I love the photo that goes with it too, the idea is very clear. (hugs to you)

You know, it's not the number of followers a person has but the quality of interaction the person has with its followers. No use having 100K followers with just an engagement of 100. Quality > quantity.
When you make meaningful posts and get people to contribute, that I think is very powerful. To bring people together.
This is really wonderful of you!


I didn't know you're interested in this kind of thing, but you can also check out (They donate 10 grains of rice per correct answer) and , a search engine that plant trees!! ;)

vividcolourfabric seems to take a lot of my free time. Thank you. ❤

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