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Agnieszka Wichrowska I love your ends of the week Satoshi :) great photo!!!

Satoshi T Thank you so much @Agnieszka 😻

Danuta Oh, I'm so happy, I'm so glad to be able to inspire your work Satoshi !!! :) ... wonderful photo, came out very beautiful!

Satoshi T Let's stimulate each other from now on, Thank you @Danuta 💪😺!

Danuta Yesss Satoshi :D !!!

Kazziz If You can, try to avoid such high aperture values on the PEN-F, Satoshi - over f/8 diffraction starts killing your sharpness... :(
But! You can always use focus-stacking and high-res modes :)

Satoshi T Thank you for teaching @Kazziz ! When using M4/3, it is better not to close aperture too much😃. From now on, in the case of such a pic, I will consider it. ... However, when I take Ultra Macro shooting, if I want deep DOF than Sharpness, I dare use close aperture😉 .

Satoshi T Someday, I try to use focus-stacking😃 Thanks.

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