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Lesley Yay! Congrats!🙂

Satoshi T Thanks @Lesley 🙂!

Bruce Congratulations!!!! Next milestone is 1000 :-).

Satoshi T OK I will continue! 🙂 Thanks @Bruce !

FlyteWizard YAY !!!! Congratz :D

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T Thank you Magdalena 🙂 !

viola I wish I were as persistant as you, Satoshi. Congratulations on your achievement !💪

Satoshi T Thank you @viola_duzynska , You will have 200photos tomorrow. From there it is short to 365. Keep it up 💪!

viola I will try:) Thank you, Satoshi:)

Krystian Łupieżowiec Congratulations Satoshi :-)

Satoshi T Thank you @Krystian 🙂 !

ponzu Very nicely done. Your contributions both in photos and conversation are always noticeable.

Satoshi T Thank you so much @ponzu !

Rafal Laczynski Wow!!! Congratulations 365x2! Your 75mm nad PEN-F is perfect for portraits. Amazing sharpness and details! You made a great picture👍👏☺

Satoshi T Yes! I love its sharpness and bokeh! Thanks @Rafal 🙂!

mathilde24 Sincères félicitations

Satoshi T Merci beaucoup @mathilde24 🙂!

Karol Congratulations x 2 Satoshi !!! 🙂👍👍👍👍

Satoshi T Thanks x 2 @Karol 🙂🙂!

Hanna Gawrychowska Congratulations @Satoshi
Great selfie - amazing details sharpness.
And good luck for next turn.

Satoshi T Tomorrow is your 700th! Nie zapomnę, że oboje poszliśmy razem @Hanna

Lido 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌺🌺🌺🌺🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌸🌸🌸🌸🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹👍

Satoshi T Dziękuję 🌹🌺 🌷🌸 @Lido 😍!

egzist Awesome! Now you are real double hero :) Congrats!

Satoshi T One of the reasons I decided to 'stay' here was the your Gdansk city and Baltic sea photos. Thank you @egzist 🙂 !

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T Yes, I will continue 💪 Thank you @reneekorozo 🙂 !

joanna1001 Well done !!!! Congratulations 😊 I really like your work , please mooooore - next project Satoshi 😉

Satoshi T Yes, I hope I will make miniature scene of Tczew someday. Thank you @joanna1001 😊!

tigg Congratulations!! Really does become a way of life, doesn't it? I'm half way through my 6th year on Blipfoto ... how can that be?

Satoshi T Although it may be contradictory, I think not to make this the top priority of life is the secret of continuation of 365 projects. Thank you @tigg !

Grace Congratulations Satoshi! I wish I had kept up with my second year too but I missed a day a while back and since then haven't been taking photos everyday. I might try start again at the beginning of next year.

Satoshi T I think that shooting and synthesis of your star photos is a heavy work. It may be difficult to keep it everyday.It may be better to alternate easy desktop pics and star pics... Thank you @Grace .,. Btw, Where is little Kakapo now?

Grace Yes I can't do star photos everyday depending on the weather. Little kakapo is supposed to be travelling to Canada I think, but I haven't heard where he is. I hope to hear something soon.

Ragnarok Congratulation Satoshi! Great work!

Satoshi T Thank you very much @Ragnarok !

Satoshi T I am longing to your minimal pics! Thanks @Magda !

Roman Czarny Congratulations!!!!!

Satoshi T Nie zapomnę, że oboje udaliśmy się razem ponad 680 dni . Dziękuję za wiele miłych słów @Roman 😊!

Basia Congratulations Satoshi:)

Satoshi T Thank you very much @Basia 😊!

Adam Congratulations Satoshi!!!

Satoshi T Thank you so much @Adam 😊!

Magda Korzewska Satoshi-sanプロジェクト365の2年目を完了したことをお祝いします

Satoshi T To doskonały język japoński! ありがとう @Magda 😊!

Magda Korzewska yeah is doing very well :) Enjoy your day!

jayce Sincere congratulations Satoshi for this double. Impressed!

Satoshi T You go to various places and entertain me. Merci beaucoup @jayce 😊!

Gogi Golzman Well done satoshi!!!!

Satoshi T I am very happy to watch your attractive style. Thank you so much @Gogi =]!

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T I will also make miniature PKP scene the next year. Please show me fascinating art of lady too!

Comment was deleted

Jakub Congratulations:)

Satoshi T Thank you so much @Jakub 😊!

Kateli Bravo Satoshi ! Amazing ! Take care !!

Satoshi T I am look forward to you we are going to establish your own style! Merci beaucoup @Kateli 😊!

dzz I am impressed with your work and patience to create and shoot all these miniature worlds. Keep going! :)

Satoshi T I will continue to create miniature world ! Thank you @dzz 😊!

Szymon Łupieżowiec Congratulations Satoshi! Good Job :)

Satoshi T I'm impressed your 'Apocalypse' series. Thank you @Szymon !

Paweł Te Congratulations!!!!:)

Urszula Stachowicz Wooow, I'm impressed! Good you are here. :)

Satoshi T I love your white mask and red lip! Thank you @Ula-stachowicz 😊!

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