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Kateli Thank you very much !!!

craig I love this one! It is different to your usual lake shots, it has a sad edge to it!

Kateli Thank you !!! Yep, it does make it look a bit sad !

Kateli Glad you like it !!

Satoshi T Kateli you succeeded in mood making including sorrow using combination of old film like effect and outfocus ! Now effect is not only an effect, it has become a part of your own expression.

Kateli Thank you Satoshi. It means a lot your comment to me !!

noun J'adore!

Kateli Merci ! Ca ma touche que ça te plaise !! xxx

Babs Thank YOU for your beautiful photos!

Kateli ;0) Thanks to you !

Nutt Gorgeous atmospheric shot. Every time you take one of these silhouettes down by the lake, I get Kate Bush singing in my ear, "Heathcliff.. it's me, your Kathy..."

Kateli Ha ha ! I just listened to it ! It brought back loads of memories. My brother and I used to listen to Kate Bush when we were living in the UK still and that was more than 35 years ago !! ;0)
Thanks, I'm off to bed with a big smile on my face thanks to you !! Take care ! xxx

Nutt G'night, sweet dreams... and have fun trying to get the song out if your head now - it's stuck in mine!! 😂

Katrina Yu Huhu, this is like looking into someone's dream.
Then you tiptoed because it's so solemn you don't want to disturb the scene. ❤️

Kateli You've brought a big smile to my face !!! xx

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