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vera Nice to see you in movement Katrina! Yeah! You're beautiful! and the video shows us what kind of life you have... that's really interesting! See you tomorrow! 💖

Katrina Yu Thank you, Vera. << Hugs tight >>

Kateli Oh my gosh ! What a brilliant project ! You're even more beautiful in motion !!! You are a genuinely generous, gentle and happy person ! So happy I've met you on tookapic !! Take care !! xxooxx

Katrina Yu Thank you so much, Kate!! You know what they say that you attract the type of person that you are?? So all the kind compliments back at you! ;) I'm so happy that our paths have crossed online too!!! xxxx

Łukasz Brożek I'm impressed about your video project. :D

Katrina Yu Thank you, Lukasz. 🙏🏼

This is the most impressive Second-a-day vid I've seen:

Łukasz Brożek Never heard about this video. Breathtaking.

But is it real second-a-day project? It's so professional and looks like commercial (not like a real project for me). I cannot find any information about author of video.

Katrina Yu Second-a-day project went viral around 2013 and SaveTheChildren organization made that video to spread awareness of how war affect families. (So it's a production film using second-a-day approach)

Ian Prince What a lovely happy happy video......."Say hiiiiii....." Just love your smile :) And laugh :) And voice :) Thanks for sharing! p.s The feeling of kinship is reciprocal :)

Katrina Yu Hahaha, thank you so much, Ian! I didn't notice the amount of "hiiii"s, children and pizza after I compiled them.
Always a pleasure to grow artistically with fellow artists! ❤️

Urszula Stachowicz Omg, is it hot glue? :D
I was smiling during the whole video. It's amazing. And touching. And... inspiring!
Thanks so much for sharing. :)

Katrina Yu HOT WAX and I failed to anticipate how hot it is on the face. Lol But only on the first layers. (can totally see you melting wax for a photo btw!!)

And thank you, Urszula!! :) :)

Urszula Stachowicz Please, don't hurt yourself. :P
You inspired me to do this video project! Starting today. :D

Gosia Nobody's talking about the photo, the video rocks! I'm starting taking clips tomorrow, I'm serious. I'm obsessed about the passage of time, it goes so quickly, and even quicker as I get older. Thank you for sharing. I noticed sometimes you speed up clips so more frames will get into 1 second :D As for the photo, it's amazing. You're made of wax and your hot tears are like fire <3

Katrina Yu Thank you, Gosia!! This is the TED talk that got me started years ago.

I'm currently in year 5 and I have to tell you it's amazing to be able to see tidbits of memory triggers!! There's really no strict rules on how you'll do your 1-second-everyday, but a memory can be triggered by just a glimpse of an image!

I can't wait to see yours & I wish you all the good things that you'll discover in doing this! ❤️

Also, check this: It's very well done. It totally captures how a life can change in a year.

Ron Dadoo waw what interesting and dramatic films!...

Ron Dadoo I was touched by your video idea 1second a day, and I thought a lot that night, how exploited this approach. and this morning I discover this work, formidable, it is in this direction that I imagined to go ...

Katrina Yu I'd really love to see how you'll approach this, @Ron. I think for keeping memories, this is the one I liked the best. I've been doing this since 2012 and every year when I look back it just makes you realize that a life can change in months, years... nothing is permanent so you really have to live all the time.

makebate You are so cheerful and charming on the video! What a wonderful idea of catching the passing time. The photo is very nostalgic, tho beautiful and has the perfect feminine soul.

Katrina Yu Thank you so much for the beautiful comment, Makebate. I sincerely appreciate it! ❤️

Ron Dadoo every day a mini video, great idea ... it keeps moments that our memory would not have preserved ... photo, culture, web, video, you live at 100km / h you day are full!

Katrina Yu Hehe, full of the most ordinary things. Nothing grand, just being aware! ❤️

Comment was deleted

Katrina Yu Thank you so much for the kindness and love always, Beata. Big big hugs to you ❤️❤️

Alek Jedliński Katrina, looking at your photos and experiencing your creativity has been one of the highlights of Tookapic for me :) Don't ever stop. I came back after two months (I didn't stop taking pictures, but they were kind of streak pics, because I thought my main camera is dead) and I can appreciate how many beautiful photos I missed. I wish you all the best in your projects and creative voyages :)

Katrina Yu Oh, Alek. Thank you so so much for the kind words. There would be times where I'll be overwhelmed with doubts and fears and just short of giving-up but as long as someone understands what I'm doing then I'll always try. I'll keep your words close to heart, among others for times when I would need them. Thank you!

Yes, I'm glad you got back on your 365! I thought you've quit already. Sending well wishes your way! Hope all is good with you!! :)

Alek Jedliński Thank you Katrina :)
I am close and determined to finish my first 365 project. See you around ;)

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