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vera Wow! I'm impressed! What a capture! Beautiful! The colors, the sharpness! Top! In my eyes: pro!

Ian Prince Always fun trying out different cameras 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your photos with it!

Maciej Korsan hey! I've finished my first 365 project using 6d mk1 with less than 10 shots taken with other camera! :D

Satoshi T This impressive light and color shading is unique to you -regardless of camera differences- and that is a reason of I am here.

Urszula Stachowicz I think it's a matter of habit. :) I feel very uncomfortable when I'm holding something that's lighter than 1,5 kg. :D Great composition and capture!

Paweł Kadysz Yeah, I did my very first 365 with a DSLR as well, so I guess you can get used to the weight. What I meant is that 6D Mark II is an overkill for 365 project, at least for me.

viola Beautiful.

Gogi Golzman Haha pawel now imagine me day by day with a 6d or 5dm3 wich is even heavier.. i have to get me a mirroles camera 😣

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