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120mr I like your real life pics.

Satoshi T In general terms, I think that challenging is important. However, it is not good for my place 📦 and my mind 😫 to keep books 📚 when I failed to challenge over 10 years ago. -For example, it's like keeping a gift of lover who has already broken heart... - Thank you for liking my personal real life pics, @120mr ❤️ .

120mr It's important to keep clean the mind. I think this pic will motivate me to clean my space. And I appreciate a lot your real life pics.

Kazziz I'm doing the cleaning this weekend, too. :)

viola Good luck, Satoshi, on your way to minimalism. It really helps to clear the mind. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Satoshi T Actually, before I thought it was a good thing to prepare a lot of things.
However, rather it was the opposite.
It is more important to create a 'margin of mind' by minimalism. Thank you so much @viola !

vera What a good initiative!!! I understand that feeling! Good luck!

Satoshi T Originally I am a nostalgy collector, so I had hidden many things. It tends to be a hoarder. I learned the meaning of minimalism at Tookapic and clean up my mind this chance. Thanks @vera !

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