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mathilde24 Ouahhhh quelle élégance...avec la robe rouge ?

vera I would like to see the red dress too... 😜

jewels Sorry to disappoint, there was no red dress, just me in shorts trying to make the shot ;-)

vera hahaha! I would like to see that too!!!

Michael Gatton Wow, great light. very dramatic and effective with the color as well.

jewels Thanks Michael, played around with spot metering, creating a "nuit américaine". It was fun!

Bruce You nailed the lighting on this one :-). Well done! :-)

jewels It was fun applying my new skills with spot metering.

vera Wow! Great low key with a shiny red! Top!

jewels Thanks Vera :-)

Marcin Wojtasik I love photo like this one :)

jewels Thank you @Marcin !

Nutt May I just say I love the shoes? ;)

jewels You may, I love them too ;-)

jewels Thank you @Tomasz :-)

Kateli Love the shoes and the light in your shot !!! <3