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Nutt Sublime light!

jewels Linen drapes help!

Nutt ... and I do love these shoes too! :)

jewels My top favorites! Maybe I'll do a trio tomorrow :-)

mathilde24 Magnifiques chaussures et photo

jewels Merci beaucoup :-)

Bruce Great shot :-). Well done. Nice series.

jewels Thanks @Bruce :-)

craig I agree with Nadia about the lighting!

jewels Thanks Craig :-)

myno Jolie photo et chaussures juste magnifiques. ..j'adore le relief!

jewels Merci mille fois :-)

Marcin Wojtasik What a light! We want more! ;) photo like this of course :)
My fav today :)

jewels Thanks @Marcin ! Will try, but these do take a while to shoot, easier to engineer on the weekend :-)

Roman Czarny Great photo

jewels Thanks @Roman !

Kateli Love this one too ! Elegant and spiky at the same time !!! "Don't mess with me" shoes ! ;0)