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Ginger I have figured out how wonderful tookapic is, when we tried with my friend, to recollect our last 4 months meetings , and we just opened pictires which we took for a project and we checked everything day by day.., It was such a nice trip in time and space :) THX a lot tookapic :)

vividcolourfabric Yeah, Ian was right. For me, it was like I wanted to do something with my life. Then I found one of your videos on YouTube ( ). And that's how it started. Improving my photography skills was somewhere far in the background. BTW - thank you for this. Achieving Hero sub is in the progress now, so there'll be another Hero on the site. :)

Mikołaj Eś Excellent choice. I truly agree with an argumentation that most of us became part of tookapic on account of flying dreams in our heads concentrated on trying something fresh, capturing our memories, wining with laziness etc. Progress in photography skills is still only (until!) a nice and surprising addition.

FlyteWizard Yeah, I never signed up to improve, but I have improved as a result of posting everyday.

Ian Prince I remember that beer :)

Another good thing about this "pitch" is that its audience as so much larger. It's also especially good having this in place now with the New Year approaching and the expected uptick in new sign-ups :)

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