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Shooting porn. Food porn.

Remember the place where we had the tookapic's birthday afterparty? Well, in exchange for the food and drinks we got we got I did a photoshoot today. My first photography-related client job.

It was supposed to be sunny today, but it was not. Not at all. Most of the pics had to be shot with ~3200 ISO which put a bit of noise on the images. But the client was very specific about the style of the shoot and grain and noise was something he liked, so that worked out good.

Basically this was probably the most food-porn I shot in my life. Taken more than 250 pics. I hope to get 25 good images from it.

The one above is not the best. But it's the best one with beer. And you know, I'm me, so I prefer beer pic over foodporn pic 😉

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  • Kazziz

    Wow! I wonder how the others look like, since this one is amazing!

    • santiagoev

      Good evening,

      I like your pictures a lot (D. Vader too), I was wondering if I can post some of them in my Instagram page, I'm just starting @grandbythecode and it's better to always count with the author's permission. I'm trying to reach you through email because DM didn't work.

      Appreciate the time you took reading this.


    • agnieszka bladzik

      i like the style they went with [and the photo of course] 😀 yet last time i saw there people with bit different style 😉

      • Nutt

        This is... Hot! 😄

        • Jan Buchta

          It looks really good and tasty. I'm going to work now but when I'm looking on this pic I want to drink some good beer 🍺:)

          • Gogi Golzman

            noisy and grainy photos is like to adding a personality to a character

            well done pawel =]

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