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Michał Splendid achievement! Cheers!

bartosz palus What an achievement! Congrats man!

Paweł Te Congrats Paweł!:) Cheers!

Urszula Stachowicz Wow! This number is beyond belief, congrats! Damn, I should have started my project some other time. Now I'll have two new year's eve almost day by day. ;)

Magda Korzewska Cool! Congrats Paweł.

tigg Congratulations. Great way of life, a 365 project.

Artur Łobocki First one thousand now four fingers.

Marcin Wojtasik WOW! Congratulations! :)

Edyta Awesome! Congrats! :o :)

Rafael I am struggling to survive this one year and you already finished fourth?!
mamma mija!!!
G R A T U L A C J E !!!

Maciej Chomik Congrats!

Satoshi T Great work 13% of your life photographed! congratulations Paweł!

Kazzi I wonder, what'll the background be next time.

Bridget Braun Wow congrats!!!

Frank Oschatz So great! Congratulation!!!!!

jaya narayan Congratulations!

egzist So great! Congrats and happy new year Paweł :)

AP Darth Congratulations

Michał Gratulacje! Kawał dobrej roboty! :-)

noun Wawwww! Congratulations Pawel! and thank so much you for all the work you've done for the community!

Katrina Yu Niceee. Keep it up!

Maciek Lipski Congratulations! Is it easier to complete the project with every year? :-)

Paweł Kadysz It's hard to stop actually. Most of tookapic users who finished first year, start another 365 project the very next day ;)

Anne 4 years :) wow :)

v agnès Congratulations and happy forth Pawel! To answer to one comment above, yes, it's a kind of an addiction, a creative, positive and joyful addiction. Thank you for having made me Tookapicaddict. Looking forward to seeing your 5th finger.

Lasiu Congratats @Paweł !!!!

Kingusia Congratulations!!! : - D

Ewa Kudlaty @Paweł congratulations! It's a pleasure to be part of tookapic. Thank you for this place!

Ian Prince Yeah! What happens when you run out of fingers in seven years time ? :)

Paweł Kadysz I'll grow new ones. Not only I'll be able to take the 11th year photo, but I will also improve my typing speed.

Ian Prince Amazing what Tookapic can do for you ;)

Gogi Golzman congratulations pawel!! that's a pretty insane milestone =]

Magda Parkitna Gratulacje! 4 lata kawał czasu.

vera Fortunately there are still the toes for the coming years... 😉 Big congrats Pawel!!!

Katarzyna Banasiuk Congratulations!!! :)

Michał Marciniak Szalony człowiek, gratuluję!

Ania Wajzer Dobra robota :)

ponzu An incredible accomplishment. To think you built this platform just to motivate yourself, and in the process helped thousands of others!

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