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Night shooting

I was asked for one more photoshoot at Inna Bajka. This time, at night. To be honest - it was ligthyears out of my photography comfort zone. First - really, really bad lighting conditions. Second - lots of strangers who I was supposed to take photos of. Most of them already a bit tipsy, therefore very friendly, but still.

5 good and 10 decent images is all I hope for.

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  • Michał Kulesza

    Did you get at least one free drink to reduce stress?

    • Paweł Kadysz

      There was no stress. Just something new. And I had to drive back home, so no drinks for me, even though I was really tempted.

    • Michał

      I'm impressed with the quality at ISO 4000 and I'm always struggling when I'm about to go beyond 800. Looks like Fuji is doing really great with low light conditions.

      • Paweł Kadysz

        Image quality is usable up to ISO 8000 (shot few of those yesterday). But the focusing speed and accuracy at low light is terrible. And that goes both for f/2.0 35mm prime and f/2.8-4.0 18-55mm kit lens.

      • Gogi Golzman

        welcome to my world =]

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