Rafal Laczynski Wow! Beautiful! 💥

Ian Prince Thanks Rafal.

myno Wow !

Ian Prince :) !

vividcolourfabric Well, that's a nice piece of art!

Ian Prince Thanks !

Emde Magia...

tigg It seems most of those whom I follow have uploaded some amazingly beautiful photographs today. Made me feel quite ... uplifted by those entries, and gutted by my streak photo today. You do need a bit of a location sometimes, I think. And posting a letter in the dark doesn't quite do it!

Ian Prince Sorry to here you were gutted. Beleive me, I have days like that too....

Kristina Pocinkutė Love this photo! A lot!!!

Ian Prince That's really nice to here. Thanks for adding it to your Black & white magic album :)

Kristina Pocinkutė My pleasure ;)

Katrina Yu This is so breathtaking, Ian. The mood, the tones, and the eerie silence it seems to convey. It does hold you in place!! <3

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