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Jennifer I quite like this, and I'm not sure which option you're putting it under haha! The narrow sides with graffiti opening to the trees feels lovely, like a release of freedom after feeling a bit trapped. Leading lines always help, and the b&w helps focus on the lines and shapes.

NatZ Thank you Jennifer! You're right I didn't mention that this was the experimental option ^^
I worked on lines, reflection, contrast, light and I'm glad you noticed it! :) :)

Bruce Great perspective; the closer you look the more you realize that things are not as they seem :-)

NatZ Thank you! I tried an optical illusion 😊 Happy if it works

jokele That's great. I had to look at it for a while because it's hard to realize, what is real :)

NatZ Thank you Jokele! I find interesting how it changes the way we « read » an image when it is turned upside down. 😊

jokele Yes, that's right :)

Kateli Great idea !!! Love it !

NatZ Thank you Kateli! 😃

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