v agnès Very good compo, I like it very much!

Magda Ko So happy :) thnx

Marcin Wojtasik Photo of the day :)

Magda Ko Wow, thnx

savio Genialne!

Magda Ko Bardzo dziękuję

Magda Parkitna Superb!

Comment was deleted

Magda Ko Dziękuję Beata :)

Rafal Laczynski Great composition! 💥

Magda Ko Thnx Rafał, happy with your warm welcome of my pic

Ian Prince Just wondering, when you shoot the Lumix lens on the Oly body in S-AF mode, does the focus ring automatically turn on manual focus like with Zuiko lenses?

Magda Ko Hmm not sure if I understand your question. Is this like with zuiko 17mm 1,8 i just pop the ring on the lens and change it to manual mode? Or you mean something different?

Ian Prince Sorry, I should have been clrearer. In "S-AF MF" focus mode on recent Olympus bodies, slightly turning the focus ring on any Zuiko lens automaticaly activates MF (like what you get with the physical clutch focus ring on the 17/1.8 or the Pro lenses). Just wondering whether that also works on Panasonic lenses...and as you now have at least two ... :)

Magda Ko This I do not know as I use eather S-AF or MF mode. You need to wait one week I will check it first with Zuiko and than compare to Lumix. No Zuiko with me this time.

Ian Prince It works on Zuiko lenses (its what I use all the time). It's on Lumix lenses that I'm wondering about....

And it's the single "S-AF MF" mode. But no worries, you're supposed to be on holiday :)

Ian Prince OK, just tested it out on a Lumix 20/1.7 - it works just like on Zuiko lenses :)

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