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Satoshi T @freyr , your photos, especially your traveling photos were very impressive. When I saw someones photograph clearly lying a date I was disappointed as well. But I decided to continue this project for myself not for others. Good luck and If you change your mind please come back at any time.

freyr Thanks @Satoshi ! I'm happy that you liked them :) I get it and it's probably the best attitude towards situations like this. Maybe I will one day but I took up some other 365 projects this year (not connected with photos) so I'll probably just "stalk" some projects here as long as they won't be blocked.

Kwiacioland Gratulacje

freyr Dzięki!

jokele My congrats, @freyr :-) I had already wondered that you had stopped so close to the end.

freyr Many thanks, @jokele ! I wanted to finish it a bit earlier, but there were always some other things to do and you know how it is... the longer you postpone something the longer it takes to force yourself enouth to finish it ;)

jokele Oh yes, I know... That's the point why I try to keep the streak. The risk to abort the project could otherwise be high. Thank you, for going through my old images :-)

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