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953 photos
Day 185
Day 185: Kaleden Wildfire
A wildfire developed in Kaleden. Thankfully, we no longer live there or we would have been affected. As someone who lost the...
Day 1,095
Today I am finishing the third 365 project. Today, not tomorrow, because the year 2016 had 366 days. I wanted to put on a mask that I had from th...
Day 365
The End
I can't believe I made it! Wow!! I am sooo happy and proud of myself! All I wanna say for community: People you are awesome ❤ Thank you very m...
Day 365
The End
what a great year ! i learned so much about myself & my passion! see you in the next year =] #night #evening #sunday #fun #people #january #36...
Day 730
365 #2
The second year is behind me =] So much inspiration, Moods, Creative stuff & less. Hope the next year be will as good as the last one at least...
Day 365
365 dni minęło jak jeden dzień. Ale się udało i z tego się cieszę :) Pierwsze zdjęcie na Tookapic zrobiłem wracając nad ranem z Sylwestra. Późnie...
Day 730
Is it time to say good bye ... ?
in my garden .... jak zazwyczaj - w moim ogrodzie Mój projekt 2 razy 365 zatoczył krąg - dwa lata temu umieściłam jak...
Day 365
I did it! I took it from the left side of I achieved 365 continuous post, but to be honest, I had too spent ti...
Day 365
So that is it. I just completed the project!!! That was amazing year, full of surprises, new places and people. I am really happy that I start an...
I can't believe that it's already a year since I've started the 365 project. A year since I've bought my first camera - yes, those 365 pic...
Day 365
Kość / The dice
Zdjęcie nr 365 - jak ten rok szybko minął!!! To była wspaniała podróż, na co dowodem jest ta galeria zdjęć! Dziękuję wszystkim którzy...
Day 1,095
birds, birds, birds .... it was beautiful sunrise
today is my third "birthday", and at the end of the third year ... photo- surprise .... three years...
Day 115
Day 115: McIntyre Bluff's Reflection
Vaseux Lake becomes so serene in the evening. It's a must see for those traveling in the South Okanagan. #forest...
Day 250
Day 250: Streetwise Moon
The smoke in Calgary has granted us incredible views of a vivid orange Moon. This composite photo was taken by merging two im...
Between two rains
It’s done ! Yeah ! I remember Noun saying one year ago : « YOU and the lake ! », or « A pontoon maybe ?! » Yes. A pontoon. And the l...
Day 259
Day 259: Bird's-eye View
I spent an hour taking long exposure shots of Lake Louise. Just as I was about to wrap up, I decided to take a shot of this v...
Day 384
tribute to Magda - already after shooting
Magda - once more congratulations and again thanks for the invitation to your 365th photo #portrait #afterno...
Day 365
One year
And so I passed the whole year with you tookapic :) Huge thanks to Paweł Kadysz for the creation of this platform and thus the community Took...
Day 365
I made it. 365 days later. I made it. What a journey. I am so glad I started this inspiring journey that thought me to become more patient and...
Day 74
Day 74: Haynes Barn
What you see in this scene is the largest of three barns that used to belong to a popular Judge and cattle rancher. The nostalgic...
Day 365
365 days!
I did it! I am proud of myself! :))) #afternoon #monday #365 #project365 #july #365project #365-photos
Day 159
Day 159: Ten stops before sunset
Neutral Density (ND) filters are worth their weight in gold. No, I mean literally. 😁 And I dropped one today. 😵 #thur...
Day 247
Day 247: Black and White
This morning we went to the Calgary Zoo. In the African section, they had a small group of zebras. This one caught my eye - a...
Day 287
Day 287: Ram on the hill
Another California Bighorn Sheep. This time a ram on a nearby hill. #october #outdoors #nature #afternoon #saturday #animal #...