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ponzu How curious having the three photos with the same concept in a row in the Feedback feed. Did you notice?

I commended the first two, but it may be getting to be too much.

I definitely like the app/page your phone is showing. What is it? I like the processing. This processing goes well (and frequent) with these shots. Is it a preset?

For what it's worth, the vast blank space works well in this photo, I am trying to think why. I think it's because we see it as a "clean slate" or "workspace". Something where you are going to put the next/most important item you are working on. The space is not just empty, it's awaiting the final piece of the composition. This creates a sense of anticipation more than of disbalance.

But I am ready for the next big concept -- in your, as well as others' photos.

ponzu I think the reason the composition feels unfinished rather than unbalanced is that you cut off the cup and the cookies. It's almost as if you are clearing up the space for something, pushing off items to the edge of the frame.

ponzu I forget that as people add the #feedbackplease tag to their photos, the photos will appear in the feed in the order they were uploaded, not in the order the tag was applied. For a while, three photos exactly like yours were in a row. Same 45-degree angled laptop/book and objects around it. This arrangement has been ruined now :)

Magda Parkitna This app is Pinterest;-) Thanks for your opinion. This negative space without any objects sometimes makes good our photos. This is that situation.

Magda Parkitna It's very interesting tought. I did not think about it in this way. But probably you are right;-) I like do that in my composition. And I like it in the others' photos.

Clou Media Sugar kill collagen , be careful;)

Magda Parkitna Yes, I heard about it. But a little pleasures are so nice. I can't stop to do that😊

Rafal I would show the whole cup with cookies (with no croping there), Computers are ok, they connect each other with whole phone but this cup...

Magda Parkitna Thanks for your valuable comment.

Katrina Yu I not really sure about this crop. It's a bit unbalanced to me. The items on the left are all cropped slanted, the cup and cookies are not perfectly half cropped(nor slanted) so that's the anomaly there. But then that phone. it's really out of place. The amount of white space is not balanced with the things. But then just an opinion.

Magda Parkitna Thanks for your CC. Good to know what you think.

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