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Old mill

My colleague from work, Paweł, bought DJI Spark two weeks ago. Instead of going to work on Sunday (Sunday is for resting, right?) I went with him and our other colleague, Mateusz, to explore an old, decaying building of a mill in Nowa Huta, next to Kocmyrzowska street. We took some pictures of the building's inside, but then we took of with the drone and shot some photos from the above. He also tried to shoot video, but a reminder for everybody: don't use class 4 sd cards for modern electronic gear, they just don't work - all we could shoot was about one minute sequences before the buffer overloaded. And after two hours with them I returned home, took Martyna, Daria and her friend Zuza and we went to Afera's place to cook a delicious dinner (well, Martynka did most part), play some video games (Speedrunners for the win!) and to start a new play of Talisman. We didn't finish it, of course - it was late already when we started - but it was fun anyway.

It was a wonderful experience to fly this drone and I'd love to do it more often. The only thing this device lacks is RAW photo format 😞

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