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Bedding session

Since my streak is already broken, I'll write both days note under this one. Chosen by @120mr from a few shots of our morning session... but let's keep the order.

Yesterday, Saturday morning, I took the dogs for a short walk, packed myself and Patryk to the car, picked up Staszek and our model Weronika (pictured above) to my car and we went to Tarnobrzeg for 2nd open photography days 😀 even though my car isn't the fastest, we arrived there 10 minutes before expected, unpacked the cameras with Sławek, our Olympus co-worker who was already there and... it has begun.

The whole event (or rather the first part) took place at Tarnobrzeg Castle, which looked much more like a residence than a castle in it's usual meaning. The main host, Adam Rębisz (huge greetings) welcomed us, talked a bit about his photography, then there was a short talk about Olympus cameras and... we watched "Wild Kamchatka" by Marcin Dobas, with Krystyna Czubówna as a lector! It couldn't be better... the film is somewhat about 10 minutes long, so then we came to the first part of the main event - Patryk had his speech about landscape photography, then he took the whole group for a quick walk around the castle - and in the meantime, the rest of us went for a quick dinner. We got back right before the second part - a quick #tookawalk... photography walk was about to start, so it was my responsibility to take over. I have said a few, nervous words about my street photography, presented a few of my photos, then we've dressed up and went for a three quarters walk around the city. It was sunday, around 4 p.m., and it was freezing, so we've met around 10 people - but I've managed to shoot +A biker in Tarnobrzeg. We were talking on the way, so there were tryouts to shoot people through cafe windows (a big bow to @agnieszka), catching reflections in puddles and details of building and places the participants see every day - I tried to encourage them to look differently, stop and take a look through their cameras viewfinders.

When we got back from our walk, it was the end of the second part - and the third one was about to take place in a studio organised in a nearby school, so after packing cameras, roll-ups and other work stuff, we transfered to the school to take part in Staszek's portrait shootout with our model, Weronika. It was the most interesting part, that gathered highest amount of people - some came just to take a look, others to try their skills in studio portrait session with a professional model. I talked a lot with most of the participants about the gear, photography, my experience... but the thing I loved most was encouraging a 15-years old girl not only to try shooting photos of a model, but also trying to stand in her place and being our model for a while at the end of the shootout. Encouraging people to try new stuff - yeeeeeah! 😀

In the end, after the studio, we went back to the hotel to rest a moment, then we met with the hosts at a local pizzeria for a beer and some food, then went to an Irish pub for some beers and talks. Arrived at the hotel around 1:30, talking for two more hours... yeah, it really was a long day. But it didn't stop us from having a fast breakfast in the morning and shooting some more photos with Weronika before leaving the hotel - and one of them was my photo of the day. We rode back to Cracow, leaving Weronika at her house on the way and Staszek on a bus stop, then after fifteen minutes at home we went with Martyna and Patryk to Najedzeni Fest! - he ate a great burger and caught a bus to the railway station to get back to Wrocław, and since a great part of Longboard Family also wanted to eat some good food and spend time together, we ended up sitting in Hala and sipping beers until the evening. A really long weekend, a really long note - but those were some great days.

And now let's get the streak back!

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