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Danuta And photographic equipment will work like new :) ... a little patience, time will pass quickly !

Satoshi T I am addicted. I hope that I would not have bought anything while I don't have them at hand...

Danuta Hihihi I have similar addiction in every respect , only that I have one efficient camera, the other is broken and I have fears what would be in the event of a failure hihiihi

tigg I thought for a minute you were selling them!

Satoshi T No no. I really addicted them. and I woke up to the charm of a creative front dial recently.

tigg I am surprised that you are not a Fujifilm man? I know how much you have enjoyed the Pen F since you got it.

Satoshi T When I switched from Canon to light weight system two years ago, if Fujifilm had in body IS, I might have switched to Fujifilm instead of Olympus.😉

tigg So today's big news is that Fuji have announced a camera with in body image stabilisation

Satoshi T Oh! X-H1 with in body IS! Thanks for your info, @tigg !

Satoshi T Yesterday I touched X-H1. I was impressed by LCD on the top panel, quick AF, very easy-to-see EVF, control dials, and large, very solid body which can balance well with the big telephoto lens. However, I think it is slightly big as a camera carried around every day for Tookapic activities. And I think that it is good for taking out with a purpose in advance.

tigg Must admit I love the size of the X T2, just a bit bigger than my Em5ii but I do feel that the image quality is better. Maybe more forgiving!

Satoshi T I touched X-E3 yesterday. Some people dislike the user interface rubbing the LCD screen with fingers but I liked it surprisingly... It can not share lenses with m.4/3, but I felt like I could use it for everyday camera.

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