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vividcolourfabric Sure, it's totally understandable. I'm looking forward to your photos after your break. Take care. :)

Michael Gatton Thanks @vividcolourfabric It will be a short break!

jewels Well Michael, indeed it might be an unconscious signal.. but please don't go too far, your pictures are just too wonderful :-)

Michael Gatton Thank you @jewels - very kind of you. Your encouragement and support have been critical to getting this far.

jewels I just love your work and your project has always been one of my favorites on Tooka! I would hang any of your NY views on my wall, I love them so much :-) And your still lives and details are great too :-)

calb But that’s perfect! That’s how it should happen. (Not that you should stop!)

Michael Gatton Thanks @calb - there's a certain irony to being so immersed in photos that I neglected to take a photo. :-). Not stopping, just slowing down.

v agnès Ok, that’s it. But please come back soon because your pics - specially the outside ones - are composition and light jewels. Enjoy your pause!

Michael Gatton Thank you @v! I will always be around for the community and the great phtography from you and many others.

tania I did that twice. Sometimes we just need. For different reasons. And that's OK. And good. Take care.

Michael Gatton Thank you @tania - good to know that a broken streak does not mean the end. Glad you're still here!

vera Understandable Michael! Tookapic shouldn't be a weight... sometimes, we have to make a choice! make the good one, and we'll continue to look at your beautiful photos, even if you don't post everyday!!!

Michael Gatton Thank you @vera! You're a few days ahead of me and going strong. I will be sporadic for a while and eventually maybe start another 365 project next year. Definitely plan to stay engaged here, though.

vera Nice to hear that you’ll continue! I’m not going so strong as it seems. My professional life will change soon and I’m not sure I‘ll continue like that! Perhaps I’ll do exactly like you 😉?

Michał Yes, all the comments are right. Just take your time and get back soon :)

120mr It's great that you'll be still here. I miss your pics!

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