Getting some rest before a working weekend (at least for me). Watched couple of episodes of "Better Call Saul". We only have one episode left in the series, so if you have any suggestions, post them in the comments. Besides Better Call Saul we obviously enjoyed Breaking Bad, Narcos...

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  • dzz

    Black mirror, The fall, Vikings. The Bridge (Bron) if you like Scandinavian mood.

    • Ian Prince

      Nothing quite like a movie after the children are in bed 😀 Lovely tones in the pic. So, is that a Coke you're drinking? 😉

      • Kasia

        Have you seen Dark? Many people compare it to Stranger Things.

        • tigg

          How fortunate to have internet good enough to watch in a comfortable room!

          • Tobias

            Narcos is a great series.

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