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Paweł Kadysz It's been a great week for you I guess. Very nice photos.

Ian Prince Well thanks Paweł! What I've noticed is the better photos come in "batches"...as do the worse one's too! Not sure why, but that's part of the magic of daily photography.

marta_ii Great compostion!☺

Ian Prince Thanks!

wkaleniecki Great angle! awesome pic:D

Ian Prince Thanks! Happy to learn that the angle I finally found seems to have worked out :)

Viola Qniej good!

Ian Prince That I struggled? 😉

Viola Qniej 2! :P

Ian Prince 😛😜

John Bastoen Wonderfull scene. Love the lines and the cold colors!

Ian Prince Thanks, glad you like it :)

Ewa Kudlaty Fantastic as always!

Ian Prince Thanks Ewa. Not sure about "always", but I try.... :)

Magda Ko struggled but succeeded, I love the tones as well.

Ian Prince Thanks Magda. VSCO A2 Analog and a touch of under-exposure :)

Ian Prince Oh, and quite a bit of work to fix the CA on the line of the roof in Silkypix....and after that in Snapseed to remove the snow drops in the foreground. Yeah, much more post-processing than I usually do...

Magda Ko Definitely worth spending more time

Ian Prince ☺️☺️

Daniel Zaleski Great point of view, composition, lines, ligth & shadow, the blue / cyan tint. I love it!

Ian Prince Thanks Daniel, nice to hear you like it so much :) It's funny, I wasn't so sure it worked out....

Gogi Golzman perfect!

Ian Prince Thanks Gogi !

Satoshi T Nice to find this awesome angle!

Ian Prince Thanks Satoshi !

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