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Magda Korzewska You did fantastic job! Dynamic, great lifestyle shots i like it very much (i Am touched as I visited most of those places, not in 100 days but during last 8 years). Enjoy every single days! You are Beautiful people!

B-B Wanders thank you for kind feedback :d I am happy that we could bring back your memories :D

vera Wow! It's really great!!! You make it so good! So dynamic, joyful, with humor and breathless pics! What fantastic memories for you couple! Just BRAVO!

B-B Wanders Wow I am so happy to hear that :D especially that this video is first one from our trip. Without any doubt more will be comming :D cheers

vera I'm looking forward to seeing more 👍🏻😘🙌🏻

NatZ This is so amazing! The video is just great (is there a word for more than great?) What an incredible journey! And what an fantastic job you do with the images. Congrats and all the best for the days to come

B-B Wanders Thank you so much :) it's really uplifting to hear such a warm things about your job :D stay tuned then ;)

craig Wonderful video of your amazing adventure!

B-B Wanders Glad you liked it :D cheers Craig

Comment was deleted

B-B Wanders That is so nice to hear that ;) thanks a lot :) new pictures are comming everyday however videos... This is another story :D we need to figure out next good reason like it was 100 days :p

Marta Incredible movie, even more incredible views!😁 Your story is wonderful-to leave everything behind and start such a journey, experience so many new places, things and, what's even more important, meeting new people😊 Good luck and have fun!😁😁😁

B-B Wanders Thank you! That's true. It's wonderful but also was very hard to make that decision. By the end of the day - it was totally worth it. And we encourage everybody to do the same :)

mrs Foch My dream. It is fantastic!

B-B Wanders Go get your dreams then :)

mrs Foch It is not so easy ;)

B-B Wanders Fingers crossed 🤗

mrs Foch Thnx :D

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