Michał Prykaszczyk Fajne kolory ☺

Magda Ko też mi wpadły w oko :)

Kateli Nice effect ! I have never updated my camera, never dared to do it ! Would you suggest I do it ?? I'm scared it might change too much !!

Magda Ko Kateli, I sent my camera to service and got back with updated software. I have not noticed any big changes but just new features, as a few art filters. Not sure if this is right link as I do not know french olympus.ch/site/fr/c/cameras_s... there is a lot of changes available stice feb for your camera. Just have a look, maybe you should update it. Any advice from @Kazziz ?

Kateli Thanks for that useful info ! I'm going to look into it, definitely.
Any comments @Kazziz ??

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